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MainTop Desktop Publishing System V5.2

Dtp specialities

Input Words of Many Other Countries
Typeset when typing ; Provide many input methods such as Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Japanese etc; Use Unicode,auto-transform between Chinese Simplified and Traditional
Super Large Breadth
The largest export breadth is 50x50m2 ;Zoom or auto-zoom print files ; Auto-separate according to pinter sheet, custom overlap section to splice
Graphics Context Design
Professional vector plotting can design different kinds of complicated graphs and artistic works. Graphs and words can be set transmutation, fill, gradual change, shadow and so on; Professional typesetting can design books, newpapers, magazines of Chinese Simplied, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Hangul, West Words etc. 24 kinds of codes can auto copying jump.
Thousands of Templates
Provide lots of templates of business cards, post cards, books, posters and all kinds of cards. New file can be set according to the templates directly.
Function of Built-in Professional Typesetting
Provide manifold typeset hot keys, custom font keys of common use, all-keyboard operation ; Auto check fonts and graphs to ensure content's correctness ; Frame and words keep to grid points, frame's corners can be pulled freely ; Auto-Creat Title Frame
Auto Screen Frequency and Color Separation
Auto-separate colorful files; Custom registration and printout, registration can be changed into CMYK; Custom dot shape, frequency and angle
Extensive File Compatibility
Can export the formats of TIFF, JPG, EPS, PS which are common used by Apple through the networking of MAC and PC ; Support printout of PCX, BMP, GIF, PLT(GL2), TIFF, JPG, AI, EPS, PS ; Can read WordDOC, HTML, RTF and composition language of BD etc.
Large Picture Print
Vivid picture's detail, real color revert and rich gradation are farthest close to the original copy;Use dot arithmetic with high precision, frequency modulation dots are exquisite and delicate. Can export effect of photo quality.
Attention: Different editions have different functions, please seethe detailtable of MainTop DTP function.

New Functions

(I)Create New File
(II)Add "New from Template", offers lots of templates of poster, card, post card, book, envelope, letter paper. At the same time add "New and Open".
(III)Add the function of pulling frame's corner to make it easy to typeset newpaper. Frame can be splitted into columns.
(IV) Add the function of "Bottom Auto-justify" to text frame.Add more text file formats such as MS-Word6/7/8(*.DOC) and HTML, words in frame string can be exported to HTML.
(V)Add function of Path Operation and some special functions of path disposal.
(VI)Add a menu of "Object".
(VII)Add new menu of mouse's right button.
(VIII)Use "Bar Code" to produce 24 kinds of codes.
1.Eliminate the difference between cell and grid.
2.Combine original tools of select cell, select line and edit table into just one tool, system will auto-judge and choose the optimum one.
3.Add "Select Split Table Line".
4.Add "Auto Retracting of Cell".
(X)Add "Reverse Vertical" in typesetting of frame or table's cell.
1.Reverse filter can make part or whole of other object inverse.
2.Magnifier filter can produce the effect of magnifying object's part or the whole object.
3.Copy filter will reduce much graph space when copying a lot, and it is easy to modify. Can set copy numbers and parameters of two directions independently. Copy parameter should contain all items of "Transform and Copy".
(XII)Change "Shift,Scale,Rotate" into the panel of "Transform and Copy", and add "Absolute Scale" and mirror function. Delete original "Copy Parameter" of "Set", and these parameters will be controlled by "Transform and Copy".
(XIII)Add "Create Title Frame", which can turn focus words into title frame.
(XIV)Add "Photograph Reticulate Pattern Fill", offers 241 kinds of common patterns to choose.
(XV)Two colors of black & white picture can be set transparent or changed to another color; those of grey chart can be just changed, but not transparent.
(XVI)Offers menus of different sorts when importing formula, provides menu items to all kinds of formulas.
(XVII)Can import multirow artistic text.
1.Print position can be adjusted in nine directions.
2.Page can auto-fit sheet when printing.
3.Can custom registration and printout,and registration can be changed into CMYKautomatically.

DTP Support Environment

  • Operating System:Win98/Me/NT/2000
  • CPU:PII300 RAM 64MB or above
  • Output Equipment:Support all kinds of Spray-ink Printers, Laser Printers and Photocomposers
  • Support HP DesignJet,Encad NovaJet,Epson Pro9?¨¢00/7?¨¢00,Mimaki,Roland etc.